Kennerly’s Chapel Meeting House, Campground, & Cemetery

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Kennerly’s Chapel
Meeting House,
Campground, & Cemetery
Historic Site
Founded 1807

can you cut viagra pills in half Preserved and administered by the
Kennerly's Chapel Foundation,
a non-profit corporation

The site of the historic Kennerly's Chapel Meeting House and Campground (founded 1807) has long been regarded as a hallowed spot to natives of northwest Logan County, as three present-day United Methodist churches proudly trace their heritage to the site.

Also located here is a large pioneer cemetery, where people who are now scattered throughout the nation come to visit the graves of their ancestors.

It was here in 1814 that many of the courageous pioneer circuit riders assembled and camped for the annual meeting of the Tennessee Methodist Episcopal Conference. It was a meeting of hearty and brave men who had met the unknown challenges of the wilderness in order to organize churches on what was then America's frontier. Ministers such as James Axley, Learner Blackman, Valentine Cook and Peter Cartwright were among those present. This week of meetings was presided over by the beloved Bishops Francis Asbury and William McKendree.

In speaking of some of the early members who worshiped at this site, one historian wrote, "Whereby they were not of the wealthy class, they were recognized by all who knew them as being of the noblest work of God." What a precious and proud heritage for all who have had the pleasure of growing up or residing in Logan County.

The historic grounds of Kennerly's Chapel are a wonderful place to come home to. We hope you will always feel welcome here. Please also remember that the site is maintained solely by the loving gifts of donations and volunteer labor.

The Annual Meeting for the Kennerlys Chapel Foundation takes place on site the first Saturday in April. Anyone and everyone with an interest in the site are welcome to attend.

Contributions should be addressed to:

The Kennerly's Chapel Foundation
Sherri Hinton White, Treasurer
1898 Quality Road
Lewisburg, Kentucky 42256


Jeanette White Thompson, Asst. Treasurer
13 White Lane
Lewisburg, Kentucky 42256

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