Kennerly’s Chapel Meeting House, Campground, & Cemetery

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Churches which trace a heritage to this site

     Locating site of log Meeting House - 2001
     Restoring Pioneer Cemetery - 2000 to present
     Restoring Kennerly Chapel Lane - 2005 to present
     Erecting Pavilion - 2006
     Fencing the historic site - 2007

Hometown History Day - October 6, 2007
     Rev. Gene Hadden as Bishop Francis Asbury
     Pete Lehman as Bishop William McKendree
     David Stanley as Rev. Philip Kennerly
     Michael Morrow as Rev. Wm. "Butler" Rush
     Carl Foster as Rev. Grigsby Rush
     Ed Gower as Rev. Valentine Cook
     Barry Phillips as Rev. Gray Williams
     Bobby Brown as Rev. Peter Cartwright
     Colton Richardson as Rev. George Richardson

Relics from the past


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